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Drama Anak dan Ibu Bahasa Inggris

Examples of Filial Obligation Drama Script On Parents

Dutiful to parents is a must for anyone. Parents have an invaluable service to the children so that each child should always understand that and not be a rebellious child.

Well, on this occasion I would like to share a short drama script about filial obligations towards both the parents. May the example of the drama about filial obligations towards parents that I write is useful for my best friend everything.

Drama examples Devoted To Parents

Drama Description:

Theme: Social
Title: Filial Obligation In Command Parents
Length: Short
Number Starring: 4 people
Characterizations / character: Airin (good), Love (children who are not filial to parents), Irma (good)

Drama Conversation Begins ....

Yesterday I saw a mother like being sick, what really Ta?

The Love:
Yes, my mother was sick. Until now he has not recovered.

If you knew he was sick, why did you let him into the market alone? you should go to the market.

Airin with serious face reprimand Love.

The Love:
I'm lazy to market, so I told the mother that goes.

But you're right to know if he was sick. At least if he was sick so you replace it.

Charisma go in the conversation the two of them.

What is this?

It's Love, she knew her mother was sick but instead he told to the market.

Why could you once, Ta?

Love replied.

The Love:
I was lazy to market, so when they told my mother I always reasons.

That's, that ye should be obedient child's parents.

Yes, if you were not just not obey the commands of the parents, but you even outrageous, Ta, already knew his mother was ill, but instead sent to the market.

Love to feel guilty with her attitude. He muses, and intends to apologize to his mother.

The Love:
Yes, it is true what you say. I should obey her commands, moreover she is sick.

Yeah, whatever it is, we should not be ungrateful child, right, Rin?

Yes, exactly.

Love told her that he would apologize to his mother when she came home.

The Love:
yes it is, then if I'm at home I will apologize with my mother. I promise to obey my mother, because I do not want to be children of disobedience.

Irma and Airin happy to hear the words of Love.

Good, so new friend I.

Beware, if you get to repeat the same mistakes.

The Love:
No, I know I was wrong.

1 hour later, Love arrived home and she went straight to her mother to apologize.

The Love:
Bu .. mom ...

Mother Love:
Yeah, boy .. what is it?

The Love:
Mother forgive me yes .. I have a lot of one of the same mother.

Mrs. Love was surprised to hear it.

Mother Love:
Why are you suddenly apologize honey, what is it?

The Love:
I can not be the same according to the child's parents bu, evidence mother told me when I do not want to market when the mother was ill. I'm sorry yes ma'am, I promise I'll do what mom told.

Mrs. Love was touched once with his honey's words.

Mother Love:
Mother happy to hear your greeting. Mom always pray that you may be children who Sholihah, son.

The Love:
Yeah, bu I would be a dutiful honey to the mother.

Well, so is sample text short drama about obedience to parents, hopefully plays parents and children is beneficial for drama lovers friends.

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