Naskah Drama Sekolah Bahasa Inggris

Bagi sahabat pecinta drama, kali ini Admin ingin berbagi sebuah naskah drama sekolah dalam bahasa Inggris untuk dimainkan oleh 4 orang pemain.

Langsung saja, silakan simak contoh naskah drama bahasa Inggris tema pendidikan dibawah ini. Selamat membaca.

Here is a play school that you can use as learning material for those who are preparing a play school.

Examples school plays a short drama script with the number of players 4 people. Well, just go ahead, following the example text LATEST school drama.

Dialogue Drama School


A drama that tells the story of four friends in which one of the four friends are lazy to do any given TASK SCHOOL teacher. His friends tried to advise the student.

Title: Obligations homework
Theme: Education
Players: Inspiration, Nila, Arin, Budi
Character: Ilham (like to advise), Tilapia (caring friend), Arin (like to remind), Budi (idler)

Drama Script - START

Yesterday there TASK SCHOOL right, what you've done?

Already, my SCHOOL TASK'm done I do. If you, Rin?

Already, I've been working on. You, Bud?

Not Yet.

Why not, Bud? you can be punished later. You do not fear that you'll be punished?

Punishment? I'm not a thief, why punished.

Not thief who can be punished. Students who do not complete the task Houses can also be punished.

Is It True? what punishment it?

Anyway, we do not need to advise Budi, useless.

Yeah, it looks like this child is difficult advised.

Mind your job, why should busy taking care of my problem SCHOOL PROJECT.

Because they feel there is something wrong with a lazy attitude Budi, Ilham was kept trying to advise Budi.

You should not be so, Bud. Learning is important for your success in the future.

True it, listen to it, Bud.

If you want to be a successful person, then you are required to complete each assignment of teachers.

Come on, Bud. You should be more excited again. SCHOOL PROJECT do all you, that you do not become the student is considered bad.

SCHOOL ASSIGNMENTS it's already stale. Right now it is time to collect, how do I want to do.

Ilham strive to provide solutions to Budi.

Well then .. today I will help you to complete the task TASK SCHOOL, but you must promise.

Budi trying to clarify what was meant by Ilham with promise.

Berjani to what you mean?

Promise to resolve all if there TASK TASK SCHOOL SCHOOL

Good it, you must be willing to promise, Bud.

Budi tried to refuse.

But then, I can not promise that I'm not sure.

Arin trying to seduce Blake.

If you really want to be a person that means you must be willing to promise.

Budi eventually will promise to do all DUTY SCHOOL given teacher.

Okay, I promise I'll do all the teacher SCHOOL PROJECT.

Friends Budi was happy to hear the answer Budi.


That is just Budi!

I'm glad to hear it.

Since that day, Budi always do schoolwork seriously. If he has trouble, Budi ask for help to Arin and inspiration.


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