Naskah Drama Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris

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Dialog Drama Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris

Drama Description

Title: State University and Private University
Theme: Education
Number of actors: 4 People
Character: Ari (sage), Mimi (had strong principles), Hanna (Can accept input of others), Hannum (able to think logically)

Drama Dialogue Begin

After graduating high school, which college you will go to, Min?

I want to go to a local university course.

Local universities what you mean private land, Min?

I do not know, but I'm not too concerned about the private or public, which is an important quality of a good education.

But, most people prefer the country rather than private.

Yeah, it looks like you are truthful. However, interest is not always the right we must make for consideration.

Ari was trying to give his perspective on the college campus related public and private.

What is said that there is some truth Minim. Whether public or private, most things into consideration is the quality of the university. But, most of the country is more evenly campus quality.

I agree with you. Anyway, if I had better go to the country alone.

Mimi answer what is conveyed by Hannum.

Here, public universities in Indonesia are more guarantees than private universities, but not all of the local private college that bad.

Hannmum also provide arguments.

You could be right, Min. But, keep in mind, the campus was better in the country when compared to the private campus.

Hanna also agree with the argument Hannum

Yeah, I'm more into the land rather than private.

Their conversation was getting tense, and Ari tries to be the middle man.

Okay, in certain aspects, national campus has many advantages, for example the matter of cost. However, that does not mean private entities do not have a surplus. In addition to public and private factors, other aspects that need to be considered is a private college where we choose.

Hanna and Hannum also agrees Ari argument.

Yeah well yeah retrospect.

True also .. moreover, accredited private university in each faculty that's also different.

Mimi was pleased with the end of their conversation.

Okay, in my opinion, the most decisive was not where we learn, but the extent to which we can focus and serious.



As a side note, if ingested from the dialogue, then plays above can be classified on a play about education, plays about friendship, and also plays the school.

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