Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris 7 Orang

Contoh teks drama bahasa Inggris kali ini adalah drama tentang persahabatan. Bagi Anda yang sedang membutuhkan karangan drama dalam bahasa Inggris untuk 7 orang pemain, semoga contoh dibawah ini bisa membantu.

Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris Untuk 7 Orang Tentang Persahabatan

Examples of plays which I will share with you this time is a play for the 7 players which form the theme of friendship. Inevitably, plays the most popular of which is a play about friendship.

Short drama script below tells about the attitude of a friend who lack an understanding of what the meaning of a friendship so that no one feels no responsibility when one of her friends were sick.

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Immediately, following the example of short drama script for the role played by 7 theme of friendship.

Drama Script For 7 People About Friendship

Title: A Companion Care Conditions
Theme: Social
Players: 7 People
                    1. Jaya (Kind)
                    2. Faith (moderate pain)
                    3. Huda (Kind)
                    4. Ahsan (Kind)
                    5. Ali (Wise)
                    6. Sandy (Less caring about friend)
                    7. Silva (No matter about friends)


Faith is being taken ill, and Jaya requested approval of his friends to visit Faith at home as a form of social life and a sense of responsibility for a friend.


Of the six friends, two among which do not agree to visit the ailing state of the Faith. The two friends are Sandy and Silva. They both assume, that visit the ailing state of faith is not important.


Ali managed to resuscitate Sandy and Silva about the importance of having a high awareness of fellow companions, including when he was ill. Sandy and Silva finally willing to visit Faith.


What kalain agree when we visited her home tomorrow afternoon Faith?

I agree, it looks like tomorrow I no show anything.

What about you, what you agree too?

Of the six friends, just Sandy and Silva were acting strange.

Yes, I agree wrote. Should we did visit the home of Faith tomorrow, do not delay.

Okay, I'll be ready tomorrow afternoon.

If you how, San? You also have the time tomorrow afternoon?

Sandy could not promise to join Jaya and more friends to his house Faith.

I do not know, see ya tomorrow ..

I do not come, you are going there.

Jaya was asked, why Silva does not want to visit the Faith.

Why do not you join? you do not feel guilty already know there is a sick friend you did not even see him?

Yes, it's true Jaya said. Friends we're sick, why we do not visit?

His name is also human, there must be a time where he will experience pain. I also like Faith and others in general.

Yeah, but we're friends. If anyone among us who are sick, then we shall see him.

Silva and Sandy continue to behave like a stranger, and not a friend.

Yes but if there is no right time is not mandatory as well.

At that time we were decisive. If you assume that faith is important, to be sure you have time to spare.

You wrote easy way!

Yeah, if you say it was easy.

Jaya was getting confused with the other two.

How do you mean? Any easy way how? it's just the intention to visit a friend who was sick, what yes you do not have free time?

Huda tried to resuscitate Sandy and Silva joined the responsibility of a friend.

Yes, it's true. Where possible moment to visit friends just do not exist.

Hemmm .... I can not give an answer.

If you, Sil?

I am lazy.

Jaya increasingly do not understand the strange attitude Silva.

Lazy? can-usually you say lazy? You do not feel I have a friend Faith huh?

Ya feel, but it's not like I have to do anything for him.

Do what? we're just had to visit him at his home because he was sick. That is all.

Yes, but I was the more lazy. Why should force yourself if you're lazy.

You should know what the meaning of friendship. If there is one among us who are experiencing grief or pain, then we have to be a drug for him, and instead of acting like a stranger.

Sandy and Silva silent ... Later, Ali managed to resuscitate Sandy and Silva.

Do you know, what separates us from other creatures? whether the physical form or nature?

Sandy and Silva fumble in the heart of what is meant by Ali. Then they answered.

Its distinguishing.

If according to you, Sil?

Yes, it is definitely in character.

If you already know, that which distinguishes man from other creatures it is nature, then you should understand that human beings in this case it's a best friend should have a sense of social to our friends who are sick.

Sandy and Silva speechless .. then they realize themselves.

Yeah, you said is true, Al.

Yeah well yeah .. Faith that's my best friend, so I had to see her because she was ill. Who knows the circumstances he could improve my arrival.

Jaya look happy at all with the attitude of Sandy and Silva are ultimately self-conscious.

As it has true friends name.

Okay, I'll see you tomorrow at home Faith. Hopefully the situation will get better faith with our arrival tomorrow.

Ali's friends:
Okay, we hope so.

Dialogue Drama - FINISHED

Similarly, examples of short plays for 7 players that I can share with you on the occasion of this post, hopefully drama text above examples are useful for the reader friends.
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