Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris 8 Orang

Anda mungkin sedang mencari referensi contoh skenario drama dalam bahasa Inggris untuk 8 orang pemain, jika iya, maka berikut ini contoh naskah drama bahasa Inggris tentang persahabatan untuk 8 orang yang diharapkan berguna bagi Anda.

For those of you who are in need of a reference drama sample for 8 players, this time Admin will share examples of plays 8 people about friendship.

For those types of plays more, you can browse in each category. And here is an example text friendship drama remedy 8 people.

Drama Script For 8 Players About Friendship

Title: When the Sense of Despair Haunting Thoughts
Theme: Social & Friendship
Length: Short
Starring: 8 People

  1. Arman: Easy despair
  2. Jasmin: Easy despair
  3. Irma: Wise
  4. Lukman: broad-minded
  5. Syahal: narrow-minded
  6. Dila: Wise
  7. Ari: Ingenious
  8. Alma: Likes to give input

I feel, meuwujudkan ideals were not as easy to imagine!

Yeah, I also think the same thing.

Realizing the ideals it is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, but surely there will be a differentiator if we want to mean it in a fight.

True what Irma said it. What we need to do is bend over backwards to mengerjanya.

You talk just easy, Man.

Why do you say so?

Yes, the proof you also rather diligent but instead like lazy.

Dila try to give advice to her friends.

Come on, do not fuss with one another. I think what was said Lukman it is true. The most important thing for us is trying so hard to realize what we dream.

Ari also provide motivation for his friends.

Well, as easy as any thing we want to be able to, it will not ever be able to if we do not maximal effort, then we need to do is struggling with serious and not easy to feel tired. Right, Al?

Yeah, I think what you said was true.

Arman return his feelings.

Yes, what you say is true, but often I feel discouraged by the state.

Alma try to give support to Arman.

Anyway, in this life nothing is instant. And the key is our own. If we want to strive to the maximum, the results are definitely better.

Lukman agree with Alma:

That's right, the important thing we have to stay focused.

Dila back provide input for his friends.

You know, first it is hard to family economy, even I was getting out of school because of money problems, and because both my parents are still trying to persistent, then family life is finally improving.

Syahal ask Dila intent.

So what to do with your family, Dil?

Of course, nothing to do. We can take a lesson from the story of my parents. They had fought with all his strength to build the family economy, and even though they had experienced various difficulties, a t last family is now much better than before.

Syahal nodded.

Yeah, it is also true what you say.

Ari had come to connect.

Yes, the story of two parents Dila we can make as an example and motivation.

Hearing stories Dila, Arman more motivated.

True also what was said Dila, life is indeed requires us to fight to the fullest. Without it, we would not get anything.

Jasmin also feel more motivated by Dila.

Parental story you really motivates me, Dila. Hopefully I can stay focused like your parents.

So, the new friends I !!


Well, so is an example of a short drama script for 8 people with the theme of friendship. Plays above is precisely the motivation plays a friend, and may be useful for the reader friends.

Demikian naskah drama bahasa Inggris untuk 8 orang, jika ada kurang-lebihnya silakan lakukan penggubahan sendiri sesuai dengan kebutuhan sahabat pembaca.
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