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Maintaining cleanliness is everyone's responsibility. Health reflects a good personality and public health.

With the importance of hygiene in order to create a healthy society, it is not uncommon drama script written by choosing hygiene as its theme.

Here is a short drama script theme of hygiene, may be useful for the reader friends.

Sample Script of Drama About Health and Healthcare

Description of Drama

Themes: Friendship & Social
Title: centrality hygiene
Players: 4 people
Characterizations: Rini (concerned with cleanliness), Ilma (health care), Yana (slob), Dila (idler).

Drama Synopsis

Rini and Ilma is a friend Yana and Dila. In contrast to Rini and Ilma, Yana and Dila is a lazy teenager figure with clean-up. Yana and Dila house always looks dirty every day. Recognizing these conditions, then Rini and Ilma trying to advise Yana and Dila. Although it could not be ignored, finally Yana and Dila self-conscious and willing to do what was suggested by Rini and Ilma.

Dramatic Dialogue

I noticed your house is dirty once, Yan?

Yeah, so what if my house is dirty? You like attention once with my condition.

Instead of that, I just wanted to remind you that it is very important to maintain cleanliness.

Ilma join the chat connect them both.

Yeah, that's right what Rini said it. Moreover, the cleanliness in the house, of course very important.

Yana also compares the cleanliness of his house with his home Dila.

Yana also dirty house, why do not reprimand Dila.

Why am I entitled to be Include?

The house you're also never swept.

Rini asked Yana waffle truth.

What is true, what is said Yana Dil it?

Ilma answered questions Rini to Dila.

Yeah, I noticed Dila is less concerned with cleanliness as well.

Dila trying to divert attention.

Anyway, why are we so discuss this matter, the better we discuss something else.

I tried the same Ilma remind you that you were more pedul with cleanliness. Kan's health begins with cleanliness, what you want to get sick because you are lazy to clean up?

Yeah, what you want to later fall ill?

Dila tried to argue.

Why even so sick discussed? the health of the food, instead of the cleanliness of our homes.

Of course not only of food, but the area around will also contribute to our health.

Very true what is said Ilma it. You need more care for cleanliness, or your house will be filled with the source of the disease.

Yana paused just listening to her friends give each other feedback. Rini later reprimanded.

You why even say anything, Yan?

Then I want to say anything else?

Yes you should listen to if we are being advised you at Dila.

Rini and Ilma then farewell with Yana and Dila because there affairs.

I stayed was yes, because soon akau want adherents parents play to the house of my aunt.

Equally, I also used to saying goodbye, I want nothing to do.

When were alone, Dila and Yana was contemplating what the two friends had told them both. Yana then ask something to Dila.

What do you think we should always keep clean? What we should really care about cleanliness.

Dila answer from instinct.

Actually what is said Ilma and Rini was true. Cleanliness is very important it actually is.

Then why do not you ever seen the house clean?

That's just it, I was lazy.

But if it's for our own good, why do we have to be lazy?

Yes, it is true what you say. It was for the good of ourselves, so we should not be lazy to keep clean.


Okay, from now on I will be more concerned about hygiene. I will be diligent cleaning my house so that there is no disease that stuck in my house.

Yeah, I'm also going to do the same.

Drama Dialogue Example - END

Similarly, examples of plays about hygiene and health, may be an example of a short drama script is useful for you all.

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